Allan Day and Family against LCSO and FDLE

New Jersey Megans Law
Retroactive, Tier Level 1, B52, Sex Offender
Placed on Florida Public Registry

When understood this will make jaws drop. It's a nuke handle it like one.

It's like reading a John Grisham Legal Thriller New York Times best seller. If this goes public it will be big news. People are digging an asking questions on what was done in 1992 with other Bissell case's like the one in the show "For Life" on ABC. As was said "All Bissell cases should be re-opened and looked at." When or if they find it, I will confirm nothing if it ever were to surface. All envelopes I know of are destroyed for my safety. It's over justice was served, he chose the punishment for their crimes or did he have help doing that also.
Bissell didn't run to Laughlin for nothing, he went there for a reason. It's over secrets are kept. I will go nuclear with this if pushed.

I would like to expose another injustice by Lee County Sheriff Office who may not realize what Sgt. Booth and maybe others in Law Enforcement here have done. If I don't expose this now, I'm no better then the people trying to destroy the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights today. The people who are digging will find this out.

I earned the right for it not to be made public under Constitutional law. That honor was stripped away from me and my family wrongfully by Sgt. Booth, Lee County Sheriff Office and Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Two questions were answered with Middlesex County Prosecutors Office. (MCPO)
They have the paperwork to prove my case and when MCPO called down to LCSO they told her that their law is constitutional allowing them to make it public record. I guess Sgt. Booth didn't cover her ass! A 1993 conviction on the registry draws constitutional attention with more questions then answers. Think about dealing with 100's of wannabe investigators wanting to dig into another case during the Bissell time that don't need to be dug up. I am the one they are looking for. People don't need to know.

We released evidence because an innocent man was wronged by Bissell. Today's injustice was supressed with threats of punishment if I came forward.

BIG MISTAKE... Red flags went up as these Federal and State Constitutional Laws were created after my conviction. Making it public record because you have a Constitutional law that says you can, may want to check the dates on those laws and then the State and Federal Due Process Judgement I earned in court. This "Public Humiliaton" that is being done against me and my family for the last 24 years goes against a judgement of the 2nd "Due Process" I was granted under State and Federal Constitutional Law specifically states in the civil court ruling "Not For Public Notification". Why has this judgement been denied by LCSO or was it just Sgt. Booth who has?

Did Sgt. Booth hide these legal documents of information from everyone up the chain of command. She knew what I'm about to release. She tried to get me to leave Florida but when she realized I was on to the facts with the Supreme Court of New Jersey ruling she used bullying to stop me from exposing her law breaking excessive mental abuse on sex offenders.

8,800+ days ( 24 Years ) on the Public Sex Offender Registry! Unconstitutionally...
Sgt. Booth knew but still refused this second constitutional civil judgement and enforced post dated laws against me with threats of intimidation of 3rd degree felonies an would punish me to the fullest extent of her laws. If I didn't like it I can move out of her state! That day it was known, don't mess with me ( or my pension ) you will find yourself in jail for a long time. The several times I saw her after that day she made it known how much longer she had to put up with my shit of seeing me.

For 24 years I've been a victim of bullying and have been beat down wrongfully by Sgt. Booth and Lee County Sheriff Office because I'm labeled a sex offender. I understand people fall through the cracks of justice but being pushed into the crack an every time I speak up I'm kicked back down. From Deputy Altstat when I asked where is my due process when informed that they classified me as an offender, I was told there IS NO DUE PROCESS all the way to Sgt. Bari how many due processes do you want? And then being told well Florida is it's own Government! Well, I only expected to have 1 due process but had 2 of which the second one is not being honored because it didn't fit her punishment on an offender. BTW, Florida maybe a State Government but still has to follow FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS.

Released from DOC and forced on the New Jersey registry on 2/17/1995 pending constitutional court challenges. Open Summary of Litigation